Industry Experience

Real Estate – We have experience in a wide array of areas in the real estate arena. We service clients who purchase and resell properties for profit (“flippers”), own long-term rental properties, owners of commercial buildings, land developer, home builders, and operators of real estate investment partnerships. In addition, we service real estate agents, real estate agencies, commercial contractors, and mortgage lenders.

Professional Services – We have experience working closely with professionals in several fields including doctors, lawyers, dentists, veterinarians, & other consulting industries.

Insurance - We have a particular area of expertise in the insurance field. We literally work with dozens of insurance agents in traditional property and casualty agencies, supplemental benefits, and life insurance agents. We understand advances, chargeback's, deductions from your check, and travel related costs.

Retail – We work with several retailers from locally owned stores, to convenience stores, to national franchises. We help clients implement good accounting systems, account for inventory, and comply with reporting guidelines for corporate offices.

Restaurants – Over the years we have worked with both “Mom and Pop” restaurants and with national chains of all sizes. We understand the particular challenges restaurants face including turnover, financing, and the possibility of the FICA Tip Credit on their federal tax return.